Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are a very popular option for those that are looking to improve both the appearance and handling characteristics of their vehicle. By lowering the center of gravity on the car and winding the coils closer together, a lowering spring can make the car feel more "planted" to the road for better cornering. Lowering springs will also give the car a more aggressive stance and reduce the vehicle's fenderwell gap (the distance between the top of the tire and the edge of the wheelwell). The "downside" of the lowering spring is that the tighter coils will have less travel to them and take away from the ride comfort of the vehicle.

What Are Lowering Springs?

There are people who just want a lower car minus the adjustability, the expensive cost and a firmer ride. For people like them, there is the lowering spring. Lowering springs are just like the factory spring except that they are lower by half an inch to two and a half inches to stock springs. They usually have a higher spring rate, and are generally made to be used with stock shocks, and that is the reason why their spring rates are typically not that forceful. A performance shock should always be partnered with lowering springs to guarantee that you get the maximum benefit and also to make sure that the installation work is only done once.