Nitto Tires

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Nitto Tires

Established in 1949.

Nitto Tire is driven by passion and innovation. We produce tires for those who are enthusiastic about their vehicles. We constantly strive to anticipate and drive consumer patterns by supporting emerging markets prior to they are mainstream, assisting them grow and driving the market forward.

Our tire sizing, tread patterns and tire compounds integrate modern-day aesthetics with innovative technology. This innovation has actually helped us create some of the most radical-looking tire designs on the marketplace today. These memorable designs are the outcome of cutting edge development, quality engineering and rigorous screening procedures.

By including computer-modeled designs for roadway noise decrease and a program that assists in improving vibrant contact points while driving, our engineers successfully identify and counteract undesirable tire responses in a range of driving conditions. In addition, the checked technological advances in polymer tread compounds permit our engineers to deliver really high-quality tires that offer prolonged tread life, enhanced traction on both damp and dry roadways and motivate driver satisfaction.

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